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Following a loss of a loved one, the funeral director will normally contact FTC to arrange for a new burial plot as part of their process.

If you wish to purchase a plot in advance, or reserve a plot, please contact the cemetery clerk


When you buy a plot - the charges are split between the "Exclusive Rights of Burial" fee and the interment fee.

  • The Exclusive Rights of burial in Fleet give you the right to bury in that plot for the next 99 years (some cemeteries are shorter than this). 
  • Ashes plots can hold 2 sets of ashes.  Full burial plots can hold up to 3 full burials and/or several sets of ashes.
  • Only the owner of the exclusive rights is able to decide (and must sign to agree) who and when any burials take place in that plot (the only exception to this is when the owner is interred in the plot).
  • The interment fee is an administration charge incurred each time the plot is opened and covers the updating of the burial records.
  • The memorial permit fee gives permission for the owner to erect a memorial on the plot.  Only the owner is allowed to do this and the permit is to ensure all memorials conform to regulations at that time.     

Cemetery information leaflet   

Cemetery Fees from April 2017

Cemetery Fees from April 2018


Rules and Regulations 
Cemetery map with plot numbers 

Ashes plot layouts

Ashes plot 1 (by main gate)

Ashes plot 2 (by lawn cemetery)

Ashes plot 3                                Ashes plot 6

Ashes plot 4                                Ashes plot 7

Ashes plot 5

Rules and Regulations for Funeral Directors and Grave Diggers

Rules and Regulations for Stone masons


Notice of interment burial

Notice of interment of ashes
Application to erect monument or additional inscription
Application to renovate or clean a memorial
Application for exclusive rights of burial 

For Memorial benches or plaques prices please contact FTC office


Transfer of Exclusive Rights of Burial

It is possible to transfer the burial rights of any plot and a set legal process is used to do this.  There is a fee (see cemetery fees) to transfer the burial rights to another person.


When you need to transfer ownership of the Exclusive Right of Burial?

  • The registered owner has decided to assign the grave to someone else
  • An applications is made for a burial in the grave (other than the registered owner) but the registered owner is deceased
  • An application to place a memorial/additional inscription on the grave is made but the registered owner is deceased.
  • An existing memorial needs renovating or cleaning

Information on Transferring the Exclusive Rights of Burial can be found here  


Transfer Forms
Assignment of right of burial  - to be used when transferring ownership between living persons
Statutory declaration - to be used where there is no will or grant of probate     
Form of Renunciation - to be used where there are other people have the right to the burial right but wish to renounce that right 




All memorials are subject to the approval of the Council and remain the sole responsibility of the owner(s).  They must be installed or re-fixed in accordance with the current BRAMM specifications in accordance with BS8415. All stonemasons working in the cemetery must provide the cemetery officer evidence of registration with BRAMM or NAMM.


The number of the Plot must be placed on the memorial and the construction and fixing must meet the current recommended Code of Working Practice of NAMM or BRAMM to BS8415. 


All materials of every description on graves must be kept in reasonable repair and in good order at the expense of the owner(s).


Fleet Town Council are required by law to carry out safety inspections on memorials every 5 years, to ensure that they are in a good and stable condition. Whilst the responsibility for general safety lies with the burial authority, the owner of the memorial is responsible for maintaining the memorial in a good condition and also ensuring that the masons erect them in accordance with current standards (BS 8415). The Council reserves the right to make safe any memorial which, in the opinion of the Cemetery Officer, represents an immediate danger to the public without further reference to the owner(s) of the Memorial in order to protect the safety of visitors to the cemetery.


For any changes to any memorial including renovation and cleaning, you must first obtain a permit.  Please see application form on our website or call at the office for how to do this.



Are you able to help with maintenance at the cemetery?  Do you have an hour to spare each week?

Fleet Town Council is responsible for the general maintenance within the cemetery however the owner of the exclusive rights is responsible for the maintenance of the memorial on the plot and to keep the plot tidy and ensure that flowers or ornaments do not interfere with any other grave space.

Unfortunately some of the graves are sadly neglected as the families move away or are unable to visit.   

Fleet Town Council is hoping to encourage some volunteers to start a “Friends of the cemetery” group in the near future that can at least tend such graves

What FTC wants to achieve

  • Ensure Fleet Cemetery is a place of reflection & remembrance of the people buried there.
  • Improve overall appearance of the cemetery.
  • Tidying and restoration of neglected graves.
  • Encourage people who visit to become a “friend”.



What we think volunteers could do – some ideas

  • The friends are the eyes and ears of the cemetery
  • Tidy up neglected graves.
  • Form regular working parties to tidy up cemetery
  • Grow plants for use in cemetery
  • Adopt a war grave and look after its surrounding area - preparation for Remembrance day – mark graves with poppies
  • Help with creation of new areas
  • Clearing and maintaining areas


Please contact the Cemetery Clerk for any assistance