Fleet Town Council

Fleet Town Council

Minutes 2017


Please note that the minutes presented on this site may be in their draft state as minutes are agreed at the following meeting.  Please refer to the following meeting's minutes to ensure that you are aware of any amendments.


Annual Residents' Meeting

28th March 2017


Full Council

4th January 2017

1st February 2017

1st March 2017

Extraordinary Meeting 27th March 2017

5th April 2017

10th May 2017

7th June 2017



March 2017

June 2017


Policy & Finance

22nd February 2017

22nd May 2017


Development and Control

9th January 2017

23rd January 2017

13th February 2017

27th February 2017

13th March 2017

27th March 2017

10th April 2017

24th April 2017

8th May 2017

23rd May 2017

12th June 2017

26th June 2017

10th July 2017






Establishment Committee

22nd March 2017